Software for Printing and Shipping Centers

Over its many years of experience, the edata Group has developed several software products.

docusuite information and management software.

The primary goal of the software is to capture print jobs, track them and collect their associated production metrics. The software normalizes and logs the processes from data provision to shipping.

docusuite makes it possible to record and track all production jobs and collect all associated key data. In short, it documents, your production orders so that capacity can be planned and controlled (tracking and monitoring). The practical ergonomics and the workflow based on industry processes make docusuite highly efficient. User-friendly barcode readers uniquely identify production orders or atomic components (such as a document or shipment). In addition to wired readers, mobile recording components are offered and supported.

The production monitoring system docusuite enables simple consolidation and optimization of business processes in printing and dispatch centers on a modern and uniform system architecture, and replaces existing stand-alone solutions from manufacturers.

OUTomat output management software

The growing demands placed on a company do not leave output management unaffected: Production orders for information and documents via all necessary output channels must be planned, controlled and administered, and the preparation process itself must be clear and transparent, with existing external systems easily integrated.

Based on these requirements, we developed the OUTomat. The OUTomat is a powerful, easy-to-use tool for these tasks. It is perfectly suited for the complex requirements of output management, because it is equipped with all the important functions for the preparation of information and documents across all necessary output channels. At the same time, we have made it extremely easy to use.

PORTOmat Cost Optimization Software

The future of cost optimization in modern printing and mailing centers lies in optimizing postage. In this context, the prerequisites for achieving maximum discounts must be ensured as well as the holistic verification and client-related feedback of the discounts invoiced/credited. These functions must be fully automated, flexible, scalable and independent of the selected organizational model.

PORTOmat and its modules are already established at various customers and meet these requirements.

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